How do you choose a good opaque foundation?

How do you choose a good opaque foundation?

The basis of glamorous make-up is a well-chosen foundation. How do you choose the right foundation for your face? See our tips to avoid mistakes and throwing money down the drain!

Face primer is the foundation of good make-up. It evens out skin tone and covers minor imperfections. It comes in different forms: "foundation" can be called fluid, cream powder, compact, mousse or BB cream - in other words, any cosmetic that gives our face an even colour. The term "foundation" therefore covers quite a wide range of products. How do you navigate through them to find the right one for you? How do I match the shade to my skin colour?

Some facts about primers

In 1935 in Hollywood, make-up artist-visionary Max Factor (also the author of the term 'make-up'!) created the first foundation for a technicolour film production to achieve a natural look on the silver screen. Over time, facial foundations became available to all women, and formulated with skincare ingredients or SPF filters.

Most often, the thicker the consistency of the cosmetic, the greater the level of coverage. At the same time, the less problematic and uniform the complexion, the less concentrated the form of foundation should be. Whatever foundation you use, a base is also important to moisturise the skin, prepare it for make-up application and make it last longer.

How do you choose a good opaque foundation?

What to look out for?

Age matters a lot when choosing the right foundation. After all, skin at different ages has different needs! Mature women are more likely to choose an opaque foundation to help fill in wrinkles and smooth the complexion. For women in their forties who suffer from dry skin, a foundation with moisturising ingredients will work better. For women in their thirties, a foundation with extra moisturising and nourishing properties will be good. For women in their twenties with excessive sebum production, a mattifying foundation is a good choice.

The composition of the cosmetic is also very important. Acne sufferers must avoid products that are thick, oily and potentially pore-clogging. Allergic skin, on the other hand, will be irritated by fragrances and any artificial components in the foundation.

Read cosmetic ingredients

How do you choose a good opaque foundation?

If you are not yet in the habit of reading cosmetic ingredients, we have a little tip for you on what ingredients to look for in foundation. If a product contains glycerine, you can be sure that in addition to its aesthetic function, it also regenerates damaged skin cells and reduces wrinkles. Glycerine also has a soothing and moisturising effect - it is hygroscopic, so it retains moisture in the skin. Cosmetics with glycerine are suitable for dehydrated, dry and mature skin.

It's good if your foundation contains mica, a fine-grained mineral used in cosmetics for its pearlescent sheen - its particles reflect and diffuse light for radiant skin. When added to powder, mica prevents clumping, cosmetics become light and silky. Unlike other fillers (such as starch or rice powder), mica absorbs sebum less easily and is therefore recommended for normal and dry skin.

Best coverage foundation

If you still haven't found your favourite opaque foundation, we have great news for you. We have tested many of the products available on the market and found a true bestseller: the NUTRIDOME opaque-matte face foundation. Before writing this article, we invited ladies of different ages and skin types to test the product. For two weeks, they used the foundation matched to their complexion and told us about their impressions.

What did our testers say?

Olivia (34 years old)

For testing, I chose the Ivory shade of the NUTRIDOME opaque-matte foundation. I applied it after applying my day cream, using a blender. The product does indeed glide on well, the whole thing took less time than with the foundation I used before. I noticed that it hid my skin's imperfections very nicely, of which I already have some. My skin felt super silky to the touch! And most importantly, after a day at work, my face still looked OK :)

Amelia (23 years old)

I have been looking for a foundation that meets my requirements: it must be opaque (but without a mask effect!) and not clog my pores - I have combination skin that does not like this very much. NUTRIDOME foundation has a fantastically pleasant texture, it spreads easily and precisely. The complexion is well moisturised. It evens out colour nicely and hides redness. My new favourite foundation!

Isla (40 years)

Because of my job, I have to put on professional-looking make-up every day. The foundation I use must not be too light - sometimes I work late into the evening and I want it to last so that I only have to touch up the powder lightly. When I was invited to test the NUTRIDOME foundation, I decided mainly because of its natural composition. In fact, the cosmetic is very gentle on my skin (I am prone to allergies) and lasts well all day. I can safely recommend it to other women.

Not only did the NUTRIDOME primer perform well with the testers (no negative feedback was forthcoming), it also passed the toughest test - the all-night party!

Best coverage foundation

NUTRIDOME opaque-matte face foundation blends perfectly into the complexion, providing a smooth skin effect while maintaining a natural look. It has a creamy, light texture that glides on pleasantly and envelops the face perfectly, and isdesigned for all skin types - dry, oily and combination.

NUTRIDOME opaque foundation is the all-rounder for soft and natural make-up: it covers imperfections well in just one layer, lightly brightens the complexion and smoothes. It contains glycerine, which moisturises, regenerates and reduces wrinkles. The mica it contains adds a soft glow to the skin.

The cosmetic forms an occlusive layer on the skin that protects against dryness. The face becomes radiant, silky smooth, visibly revitalised and takes on a healthy, rested appearance.

What shades of NUTRIDOME foundation are there to choose from?

NUTRIDOME opaque-matte foundation comes in five colours:Ivory, Natural, Nude, Beige and Caramel. In terms of the choice of foundation for your complexion, consider that Beige and Caramel are yellow pigmented products, while Ivory, Natural and Nude are pink pigmented.


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